Delicious Ox Heart Tomatos

Ox Heart Tomatos are an old favourite. Though their size and shape can often put people off using them but in actual fact they are fantastic. They are large with meaty flesh and very few seeds. Use them in thick slices on sandwiches or segment them for salads.

Given they are very fleshy they make a fantastic pasta sauce. One large ox heart per person makes a very delicious sauce. Simply fry some garlic and onion until soft then add the tomatoes. To prepare the tomatoes we recommend quartering them, gently removing the little bit of core where the vine attached. Then gently squeeze the quarters to release the seeds. You can chop them or leave them in chunks. After you have simmered them in the onion and garlic for 10 minutes you can add your favourite ingredients. Chilli, bacon, some more veg. To be honest we love the tomato pasta as is with basil, salt and pepper tossed with fresh pasta. You simply can not beat it.

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